10th : Excavation and recovery operation in Lianhuapao, Dunhua City, Jilin Province (1st phase; Nov.2005)

In response to a 2004 accident in July 2004 in which two children were injured in the forest of Lianhuapao, Dunhua City, Japan sent an on-site investigation team which confirmed that the munitions in question were ACWs. Other munitions were also visible in the same area, and numerous strong metal-detected points existed in the ground. Since the work would cover a large area of land, it was decided that the agricultural land should be given priority for excavation and recovery to minimize the influence on the livelihood of local farmers.
After a preparation period in summer, excavation and recovery (unearthing, chemical detection, sorting out and temporary overpacking of munitions) was carried out in Fiscal Year 2005.
12 October ~ 23 November

Metal-detected points (shown by flags) and command and support tents

Metal-detected points

Excavation area (in snow)

Emergency treatment of a leaking shell

Overpacking (1)

Overpacking (2) (heat-sealing)