12th: Excavation and recovery operation in Ningan City, Heilongjiang Province (Jul. 2006)

In January 2004 munitions were discovered in the premises of a local chemical factory. In response to the official notification from China, preparatory meetings with the Chinese side were held at the site in May 2006. Japan sent an investigation team to the site on 2 July 2006, and partially excavated and examined the external features of the excavated munitions.
The result showed that they were chemical weapons of the former Japanese military forces, therefore an urgent excavation and recovery operation was carried out, and excavating the munitions, external features identification and overpacking were conducted.
4 July ~ 11 July 2006

Work area


Re-detection after excavation

Detection by a rod

Sorting of excavated munitions

Identification by external features (1)

Identification by external features (2)

Numbered shells