2nd: Excavation and recovery operation in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province (Dec. 2001)

The operation was divided into two phases; preliminary probe and excavation and recovery operation.
Preliminary probe was done on 2,000 square meters of land (3,500 square meters (entire area) minus 1,500 square meters (facility area)).
It was necessary to identify the exact bounds of the area where munitions were buried (width, length and depth), thus detection had to be conducted both horizontally and vertically.
(Horizontal detection: flux-gate magnetic detector, electromagnetic underground detector)
10 September ~ 27 September
Excavation and recovery:
5 November ~ 13 December

Vertical detection by a rotary boring machine

Identification of a large Aka-Toh, etc.

Recovered Aka-Toh, etc. (1)

Recovered Aka-Toh, etc. (2)